Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Adventures of Penny, Mail-Order Bear Bride

Dear Vivian,

We at the Mail-Order Bear Bride company would like to show you a preliminary photo of Penny-in-progress so that Paddington can more accurately gauge his interest in wooing her as a bride. Here she is, awaiting construction. Unfortunately, she is not machine washable, meaning that she will require some TLC. Please inform us if Paddington is at all unsatisfied.

P.S. Colors in the photo are inaccurate. She is much brighter and cheerier in person.

Penny: A soft, 100% wool, loving companion for any self-respecting bear.

1 comment:

Vivian said...

what a delicate specimen with huge honkin' thighs! i'm sure paddington will be very pleased, as long as she work hard and sew button. unfortunately, i must warn you beforehand that paddington has only dual citizenship between england and peru. thus penny better not get any funny ideas about pulling a fast one over our favorite marmalade-lovin' bear.