Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Bad Case of the Blahs

I am running around frantic half the time trying to get things in order for MFA sundries such as letters of rec, requesting BA grade reports, narrowing down the list of schools to apply to, streamlining my creative submission, writing a personal statement, etc. That last one is pretty amusing since half of my work involves editing other people's personal statements and I can be a pretty harsh critic.

On top of all this, I started working two/three days a week at an LYS, Annie & Co. Needlepoint and Knitting. The needlepoint store has been there for ages, but the knitting part is new and has only been open for about six weeks. I took the job because I work from home and hardly ever see anyone unless I'm going "out." Also, I am no longer in denial and admit that I am absolutely obsessed with knitting. While I love working there, I'm going to have to be more productive non-knitting-wise during the other days of the week.

Also, I've swatched a bazillion times with the Kid Classic and I cannot get gauge to save my life. Boo. Gauge is suggested on US 6 needles. I've tried 4s, 5s and 6s. I sort of fall in between the 5s and 6s, so I'm trying it this time around on US 6 Addi lace needles as opposed to regular Addis.

And for whatever reason, I am just sad this week. You know, when nothing's "wrong" but you just aren't really at peace with the world? It usually passes within two weeks, so I'll just have to bide my time until it lifts.

These make me a teeny bit happier, though:

The pattern is the Diagonal Cross-Rib socks from Favorite Socks. Yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy in Visual Purple. The yarn is, indeed, smooshy. And every time I say it, I think of that part in Finding Nemo when Dory finds a baby jellyfish and says, "I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy." I can only say that I loooooove this yarn. I want to eat it. And make a mattress out of it. It's also a tremendous value. It was $22 for 450 yds. Yowza. I finished one sock and have one repeat done on the second.

Complete non sequitur: Doesn't this look like Bart Simpson wearing a big purple turtleneck???

Maybe it's because I caught an Inside the Actors Studio last night while finishing the first sock. Instead of one guest, they featured the entire regular voice cast of The Simpsons. It was highly amusing. Watching Nancy Cartwright while the voice of Bart Simpson comes out of her mouth is really interesting. Same with Dan Castellaneta and the voice of Homer.

I did make some progress on Hourglass:

What you see here is one finished sleeve and one just-started sleeve which is now actually a one-third finished sleeve. So I just have to finish two-thirds of that sleeve and join everything up for the yoke.


knotology said...

Wait, wait, wait. Annies? What happend to KC? Me confused!

fluffbuff said...

Are you going to keep up the job while you are in the MFA program? I worked full-time while being a full-time grad student and almost killed myself. In the end, after getting all my classes out of the way, I was so burned out that I could not finish my project thesis. I hope you'll be able to concentrate on study alone.

Nice socks, by the way. :)

Telmah said...

I think changing seasons is emotionally hard! I get that 'wrong' feeling in the springtime, so reliably that my old friend and I called it 'spring term disease' back in school. Maybe you just get it in autumn!

tiennie said...

I feel that way at times too - I think it's normal. I hope you're feeling better soon. Great socks!

I call my daughter squishy sometimes and we got it from Finding Nemo. Love that movie!

bo said...

there's a little blip about annies
in this weeks new York magazine!!!

bo said...

read a little tip in my inbox
yesterday that I just remembered.

Try using different size needles as your working
Needle to try and get gauge. So maybe alternate
between 5 and 6 as your working needle. The size
of the other one doesnt have to change.
Good luck!