Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fish & Sheeps

I resisted making Pomatomus for a looooong time, but I couldn't hold off anymore.

I bought this yarn months ago with the express purpose of turning it into a pair of Pomatomi. This pattern is kinda interesting. I thought it would be very difficult, but the pattern's pretty easily memorized. I shouldn't speak too soon, considering I just got to the heel. Also, I'm a little annoyed because the YOs that occur at the beginning of a needle are a little...big. We'll see how they look once they're on actual feet.

The knitting mojo that I thought I'd lost? Came back with a vengeance. Next up, we have one half-hexagon or one front of the Norah Gaughan Cabled Coat.

I made one big boo-boo amidst all the cabling. When I finally noticed it, I figured, eh, what the hey. I'm not ripping out fifteen rows of cable knitting to fix it.

I did, however, rip the next project out to the very beginning twice. It's from the 2001 Kids Issue of Vogue Knitting. One section offers pullover designs for the four seasons and Spring's is an adorable intarsia pullover knit from Tahki Cotton Classic of a meadow with sheep and embroidered daisies. Here are one and a fraction sheep:

I switched out one of the grass colors for Mission Falls 1824 Cotton. I thought it would be a nice textural contrast and I really like the effect. The sheep faces are also 1824 while the sheep bodies are knit out of Sublime Angora Merino. It's my first time with intarsia and I'm a little sad about the uneven stitches, but I hope steaming will fix the problem once I'm done with the knitting. I'm eliminating the sheep from the back of the pullover and the legs are charted for intarsia, but I'm opting to use duplicate stitch later on for simplicity's sake.

I never understood the purpose of bobbins until now:

But I am having fun staring at the absolute mess presented on the wrong side of the piece:

It's like yarn tentacles. Grar.


Cindy said...

I just cast on for Pomatomas too! I love the pattern, your sock is looking good! I don't really notice the yarn overs on yours, but I had the same problem and I ended up not doing a yarn over on the purl rows, picking up a yarn over on the next row (make sense?). I think it helped.

fluffbuff said...

Those cables are glorious (Norah knows her cables) and I don't see the boo-boo and honest, I don't have any wine until dinner.

tiennie said...

Yeah, I'd say your mojo's back! Lovely lovely work!

peacegrrl said...

Ha! Thanks for your comment on my blog--I've had that damn song from West Side Story in my head, too! My non-musical-addicted friends look at me like I'm nutty.... :-)

punkin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been admiring your projects - they are beautiful.

Gretel is a great design. I have found that I am susceptible to the hat-knitting bug.

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