Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pretty Things and Stripes, Too

I find it funny that I love the smell of violets. Mostly because the actual flower doesn't smell like anything to me. But violet scented/flavored candy and cosmetics just makes me crazy. In a good, obsessive kind of way. Honestly, if you lead me to a violet anything, I have to have it. And this lip gloss is one of the best examples of it, ever.

Moisturizing, violet lip balm-y goodness.

And then this stuff I bought a few weeks ago. It's so pretty I don't think I can make socks with it:

I treated myself to it because I'd finished the second draft of my script. My writing has been going ok lately. This book was a big inspiration:

I honestly don't think I'll ever read a book the same way again. Which comes in handy at the moment since I'm reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy and it's definitely something that must be read word by word.

Also, I decided it was time for both stashbusting and garment-knitting:

I have no idea what I'm doing here. I'm making it up as I go along. I think that's the back.


crochetgurl said...

That lip balm looks yummy. If I ever have to live on a desert island, I swear I wouldn't be able to go without Carmex in a tub.

Is that last picture going to be a sweater?

tiennie said...

You are too funny - how on earth do you start a sweater without really knowing it's going to be a sweater? :)