Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nicole's Wedding aka "Break Out the Kleenex"

Well, we did it. On June 13, 2009, we plumb got my best friend Nicole married off.

This is her in all her wedding finery (that's me in the black shawl--this may be the only post ever with my face in it, though, b/c I dislike having my photo taken). She made quite the gorgeous bride and her new hubby was just about busting when she walked down the aisle. I'm not a huge wedding person, but Nicole is the first of my best friends to get married and I couldn't help but start bawling as soon as I saw her on her dad's arm. And people, we are talking bawling. I was soooooo relieved I'd had the foresight to wear waterproof mascara and stick a couple of Kleenex in my bouquet. Because seriously, I bawled when she walked down the aisle, I bawled when she said her vows, I bawled when he said his vows, and I bawled when she walked back down the aisle. And then I bawled some more at the reception.

The night before the sedate Catholic wedding, Nicole and Rohit dragged all the groomsmen and all the bridesmaids (and a few other friends) out for a night of likker after the rehearsal dinner:

That's me, Nicole, and Rachel, a good friend of hers who's moving to NYC by the end of the month and with whom I'm sure I'll be hanging out again.

The funny thing is that this wedding was in Detroit and this pre-wedding night party happened the same night that the Detroit Redwings were playing for the Stanley Cup. I'm not a huge sports fan and I tell you, I was SCARED. I'd never seen that much red in my life. At least, not until the next day, when there were seven bridesmaids, six junior bridesmaids, and three flower girls in red satin.

Well, like I said, we plumb got her married off. Now she heads to India to repeat the whole process for Rohit's side of the family, only multiplied by three hundred or so. Durn it, I'm tearing up again.


tiennie said...

You all look beautiful! What a pretty dress!

crochetgurl said...

Wow! You know, I had always wondered what you looked like. Now I can finally put a face to your name. :-)

Did you make her a wedding shawl?