Monday, May 21, 2007

Bits 'n Pieces

This is how I see my life lately:

A lot of coffee or other caffeine-infused beverage, reading material, scribbles and scraps of yarn. All of which create mess and poor-ness but I still romanticize the whole thing anyway by taking photos of it in black and white.

This is just a photo of two kitties-to-be. They are Penny's cats and need to be sewn up and given faces. But I'm discovering something: I dislike hand sewing. There's something very tedious about it that I can't bring myself to appreciate. Thank goodness these kitties are tiiiiiny. This coming from a girl who can knit bolts of stockinette stitch without getting bored.

Finally, the beginnings of the Arctic Diamonds Stole. It's on the second repeat, but I bought extra balls of the yarn to make it extra long. Karabella Aurora 8 is so wonderfully squishy (and pricey) that I needed to make sure this stole will get plenty of use as both a shawl and a wraparound scarf.

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