Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ripples and Flourishes

After sixteen colors, the ripple blanket is starting to seem more like a blanket and less like a scarf. The dusky rose color on the right is the starting ripple. At about the dark green color halfway through, I realized the whole thing looked alarmingly drab and so I caved and bought some pastels to lighten it up. Overall, I'm really fascinated how a color that doesn't seem to match suddenly gives the whole blanket a different look.

Another view of the blanket, this time all squished up. I worry that the banana yellow and bright fuchsia on the working edge will be a bit too tutti-frutti, but I suppose it will balance out if I add some darker colors next.

Some ancient Chinese art I got to see on my Memorial Day weekend trip to Boston. The MFA was hosting both a Hopper exhibit and a Chinese calligraphy exhibit. The Hopper I'll save for a later date because it deserves its own lengthy discussion. But the calligraphy was gorgeous, as were the long painted scrolls.


Vanessa said...

I too am on the ripple along and I say your afghan is gorgeous. Leave the yellow in there, we all need some sun to brighten our day!

renee said...

I, too, am in love with your ripple. Every color you've chosen so far is perfect. I love the pattern you chose. I may have to use that one someday, too.

kaitlyn said...

i'm loving your blog, thanks for de-lurking :)