Sunday, July 8, 2007

Tutti Frutti

First, the lovely, summery, blueberry-ish beginnings of a Tiramisu baby blanket. The pattern is free at Alicia Paulson's blog and the yarn is amazing considering that it's Lion Brand. Not that I automatically discount all Lion Brand products, but most acrylic yarns bother me because they have so little give. Cotton-Ease, however, is soft and springy. I haven't decided yet whether to gift this to baby Beth or to offer it to Binky Patrol or Project Linus. I'm leaning toward one of the blanket charities since Beth will be receiving many hand-knit clothes in the future.

I even have some fresh blueberries chilling in the fridge but I got a little lazy before snapping the photo. The color is "Violet," but it's much bluer than any violet I've ever seen.

I was not lazy with the next photo, however...Melon shawl deserved some melons.

It hit a high of 92 degrees today so I think I needed the visual association of cold melons alongside the warm mohair. Otherwise I will never finish this thing. I'm rounding the second corner of the edging and I know that all my corners are going to turn out wonky. I'm not going to stress about it and just hope that blocking will work a minor miracle. These are those Korean melons, by the way. They look a bit like squash but the insides are white, crisp, firm and sweet.

I've gotten to the beading detail on Joy. Although this may take a hiatus until I finish the baby blanket.

Finally, chocolate has nothing to do with fruit or knitting, but I found these goodies the other day at the Korean supermarket where my mother and I bought those melons. I just liked the vintage mail covers on these but the chocolate itself is yummmmmy. Chocolove, indeed.

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