Monday, March 17, 2008

FOs: Flourish Nightingale

Liqueur Flourish Scarf
Pattern: Flourish by Kim Hargreaves
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Liqueur, 5 skeins
Hook Size: M (9.0 mm)
Extras: Lots of beads from Toho Shoji NYC

What can I say...I love this scarf. I am passionately in love with it. Not so passionate about the last part of making it, though. I do plan on making this again one day (maybe for a friend, maybe for me) but I have learned my lesson: The beading ain't worth it. It looks lovely on the finished scarf, but the beading took about as long as it took to crochet the entire scarf. Finishing the beading was anti-climactic since the scarf looked wonderful even without the little sparkles. Scarf: A+. Beading: C.

It counts for the first wave of Project Spectrum, which is Fire: Reds, Oranges and Pinks.

Here's another photo head-on to get a better look at its texture and flounce:

I'm surprised I'm not more flexible after trying to take photos of knitted objects on my own person.

I also finished up the weaving in of ends on Caroline's Nightingale.

Caro's Nightingale
Pattern: Nightingale from Rowan Story Book of Little Knits
Yarn: Filatura di Crosa Dolce Amore
Needles: US 2
Size: 3-4 years

The pattern says to turn up the hems and insert a drawstring-like ribbon for the sleeves and body. After the nightmare of stripe ends haunting me like spaghetti demons, I decided I had had enough of finishing. Besides, it's cute enough without adding ribbons and frills. My cousin can fold up the sleeves if they're too long. It'll still be a wonderfully casual little pullover for playdates and playground frolicking. Maybe not so great for keeping sleeves out of food or finger paint. This book is so adorable, I want to make Caroline the entire wardrobe. I justify it by telling myself they can save the clothes for her sister Beth to wear a couple years down the line.

And since I finished two (count 'em, two) WIPs, I started my fiery li'l Asymmetrical Cardi. Man, this one is going fast:

Mayhap it is because Malabrigo is like a heady, psychotropic drug that affects me in surprising ways. For instance, it makes me forget that there are responsibilities that I must attend to other than knitting this sweater. It also makes me forget that I am hungry, I have to pee, and I have to go meet friends. I want a gazillion more sweaters in Malabrigo. Yes, I've heard all the warnings. It pills, I hear. But that's okay. Because when my sweater pills badly and can no longer be worn in public, I can make another one! Yup, that's using my noodle.

Look at that soft, squooshy goodness.


tiennie said...

All your projects are lovely! The scarf is beautiful on you!

Cindy said...

I am really going to have to make that asymmetric cardigan...I laughed at your darker side of knitting, how true!