Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cloudy and Grey

"Cloud goes up, cloud goes down. Cloud goes up, cloud goes down." - Homer Simpson

One completed Marlena & Rosie Charade. At first, I thought it was simply pooling. Then, oh but then...I realized the genius behind she who is named Claudia and the actual cloud-like effect of the color patches. Pink clouds, grey sky? Grey clouds, pink sky? Chicken, egg? Also, Right Foot is very tired and could not be bothered to pose properly.

Here's a better look at that pink cloud:

They've got silver linings.

Things are moving along on all fronts. Luigi's back is finished. Clapotis is done with Hank #1 of Colinette and moving on to Hank #2. Four diagonals have been dropped. Smoke Shawl has been frogged and re-begun on US 4 Inox needles. It is now quite dapper and much, much happier. He feels not quite so transparent, you see.

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