Friday, August 24, 2007

Knit Pr0n

Look what I knit! Um...NOT.

Do you know how hard it is to photograph your whole leg in one frame? I do now. I bought these crazy over-the-knee socks at Nine West the other day for $1.99. Score! For reals, yo. The "cable" is actually just a knit and purl pattern. Can't imagine where/when I'll wear them, but they are pretty, red and I only spent two dollars.

These were not two dollars, unfortunately:

Some plum and apple green Shibui sock yarn! Not for socks, though. To make these:

The pattern is "Transition Gloves" from Shibui Knits. The plum will be on the hand end and the green on the elbow end.

Also, I kind of fell in love with a simple scarf pattern in Rowan 42. If you click here, look at the photo for "Fyne" and it's the scarf the model is sporting. I already have two skeins of Rowan Tapestry in the stash, so I bought a skein of Madil Kid Seta and a skein of a separate color of Tapestry. I am stupid and should have checked the pattern book again, because I need TWO balls of the mohair. Grrr. Must return to store.

The following is not knit-related, but hysterical. My friend and I were walking by a street vendor selling a small selection of books. For whatever reason, many of those books were in the woman's studies field. I took one look at this and had to buy it.

The back cover reads, "On the eve of World War I, three American male explorers stumble onto an all-female society somewhere in the distant reaches of the earth. Unable to believe their eyes, they promptly set out to find some men, convinced that, since "this is a civilized country...there must be men." Please excuse me while I go laugh uncontrollably for ten minutes.

Also, technically isn't the novel un-lost now? Shouldn't they call it "A Found Feminist Utopian Novel"? Hmm, one to ponder.

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tiennie said...

Why do you think I always have my daughter modeling my socks?! I can't get a decent picture of me wearing my socks. Cool that you got it so cheap!