Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's not easy being frogged...

Alas, the Pink Cloud colorway and the Flutter-by pattern were not meant to be united. Something kept bugging me about the two together and I forced myself to take a good, hard look at that crumbling relationship. Pink Cloud likes to pool. Flutter-by's long runs of slip stitch prevent Pink Cloud from pooling and makes Pink Cloud form angry pink and grey blotches throughout knitted fabric. There was a rather painful separation and then the two parted ways. Pink Cloud, however, femme fatale that she is, moved on right away (we're talking less than five minutes, people). Here she is, paired with her new partner, Charade.

And since we all know how two-faced she is, here's her other side:

I don't mind the pooling at all. It's part of her character. Also, it really does make me think of clouds. I'll forgive her for the Flutter-by pairing. We all make mistakes.

I also have a new rule about WIPs. I am only allowed to have one project going at a time in each of the following categories: Mindless knitting, sweater (or article of clothing) knitting, sock knitting and lace knitting. Blankets and afghans do not count since they are necessarily long-term projects. And I can bend the rules, but only slightly if a person's birthday or special occasion looms on the horizon. There's not much going on this week with Clapotis and Luigi but I'm sure they'll make a big comeback next week.

That being said, I bought some hand dyed Prism laceweight wool in Smoke the other day because it DEMANDED that I take him home. I was quite offended until he won me over with his charm and cuddliness. I'm calling this one a "him" because I'd like equal gender representation among my knitted objects. He's very debonair. I cast him on for the "Large Shawl in Leaf and Trellis pattern with Trellis border." That's a mouthful and he thinks it's too cumbersome for such a debonair yarn. I think I'll just call him my Smoke Shawl. I just finished one repeat of the body.

I think I may have to purchase Addi lace needles for this. The bamboo ones I'm working with keep snagging the yarn at the joins and the tips absorb this dye like you would not believe. My fingers are dye-less, but the needles are slowly turning black.

Look at 'im. How could you turn down an offer made by such a handsome, well-dressed gentleman?

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